Özipekliler - Advantages of Being a Privileged Dealer with Teknikoutlet Franchising Dealership System;

Teknikoutlet delivers tens of thousands of quality technical materials to users at very affordable prices. Nitrile work gloves, work clothes and various work safety materials, professional use Sedef power tools and accessories, welding materials, abrasive stones and various sandpapers, hand tools, measuring tools, air tools and pneumatic parts, metal machining kits, mold materials, machine handle, foot and anti-vibration rubber parts, wood cutting tools, furniture accessories, packaging materials, adhesives, insulation materials, fasteners, industrial oils and sprays, generator, pump, lifting machines, industrial wheels, fan, bearing, gear, electrical motors, electrical materials, led lighting fixtures, ceramics - sanitary ware, agricultural and garden tools, beekeeping materials, paint and stationery materials are offered together in the quality and proven brands accepted in the market.

While product shipments are made from Bursa to many regions of Turkey, exports are also made to many countries of the world. In Teknikoutlet stores, along with the sale of products, tool rental and repair and maintenance of electric - air hand tools are carried out. As a reliable and responsible supplier, Teknikoutlet Franching system, which has won the trust of its customers in Bursa and many regions of Turkey for many years, aims to expand in the market at home and abroad. In this direction, we create privileged dealers by transferring our knowledge and experience throughout Turkey.

With Teknikoutlet Franchising, you settle into a ready-made system that does not take risks. Starting a business with an already well-known and proven brand provides both an advertising advantage and your customer is ready. Your staff will be trained and your system will be settled. Since you set out with a well-known brand, there is no need to prove yourself, you enter the market quickly.

With Teknikoutlet Franchising, entrepreneurs will be part of a well-organized and proven technical material supply system. For this reason, this sector, which requires a very good experience and knowledge, will not be challenged by the trainings and inspections given by Teknikoutlet Franchising. They will take steps in every subject with the support of the main company, and in today's competitive conditions, they will be part of a strong and large chain instead of being a small company alone.

Thanks to the alternative advertising activities carried out by the expert teams working within Teknikoutlet Franchising, the efficiency of the entrepreneur in the market will be higher than the competitors. Prepared price lists and promotional materials will be available at more economical prices. Address and contact information of privileged dealers that are part of the franchising system will be included in catalogues, price lists, advertisements and advertisements.

Privileged dealers in the Teknikoutlet Franchising system will not need high stock levels, hence more financing and larger warehouses, in order to achieve competitive sales conditions. Since they are part of a system, they will benefit from attractive sales conditions with their standard purchases. Since their purchases will be in bulk, shipping and transportation costs will be less than their competitors.

They will benefit from the bargaining power of the parent company in the procurement of consumables.

They will take steps in every subject with the support of the main company, and in today's competitive conditions, they will be a part of a strong and big chain instead of being a small company alone. The barcode recognition system in all products sold enables rapid action in warehouse and invoicing works.

With the personnel trained in the maintenance service, it will be possible to earn money from repair maintenance, and new customers will be easily reached by being able to perform repair and maintenance.

Franchising is an effective and safe investment tool that is generally accepted all over the world. The franchisee becomes the boss of his own business, working only for himself. Beyond the financial advantage it provides, the motivation it brings constitutes the engine of the system. Since the business owner is investing, he is interested in every stage of the business, he leans more closely on the customers who are the source of money, and tries to eliminate all kinds of inefficiency. Since the entrepreneur is a part of the system, he can easily accomplish even the things that he does not think about or that are difficult.

It is thanks to the brand that the product or service sold is immediately noticed, remembered and preferred by the potential customers. The impact that a small business operator doing business under its own name can only achieve in its immediate environment over the years is achieved on the day the sign is hung with Teknikoutlet Franchise. Franch On the other hand, the field does not worry about the future of the business it undertakes. It embarks on a tried and proven business that has been tried before in other and similar markets, is successful, is retained by consumers, and has an acceptable price.

The main companies that want to grow are faced with problems such as clumsiness and lack of control that come with growth. With the Teknikoutlet Franchising system, the system is dynamic and self-renewing, as each privileged dealer will find, employ and supervise the personnel to be employed in their own store.

Since the shopping habits, cultures and lifestyles of people living in various regions may be different, the best approach to people living in these regions is only possible with investors who come from that region and know that region well. Cultural differences are of great importance in commercial life, and the system is dynamic and self-renewing as the advantages and disadvantages that these differences can create for the success of the system can best be determined by investors from the region.

Teknikoutlet guides the franchising investor in the most correct way, taking into account the conditions he is in. The location where the store is planned to be opened is examined. The requirements of the structure envisaged for the selected place are determined and appropriate project planning is made. Agree on concept and investment costs.

Teknikoutlet puts it in a privileged position with its high quality technical materials accepted by users and wide product range of products from well-known brands. In Teknikoutlet branches, where the needs of all kinds of industrial establishments can be met, a product range suitable for the region and branch is selected with the joint decision of the business partner and Teknikoutlet team.

With investment opportunities starting from 50000 euros for 100m2 to 1000m2 stores, tens of thousands of technical materials will be able to be marketed in competitive conditions in different regions with your collateral commensurate with your working volume.

We do not charge a franchising fee for this. The name right to be obtained from the sale will coincide with the advantages already gained by the high sales figures of the franchising company.

Young married couples who want to own their own business, young and retirees who are determined to work, middle-level managers who have a certain amount of knowledge and want to make their own business by making use of this knowledge, tradesmen who have a certain knowledge but want to earn more with less risk from time to time. We invite you to travel with us with less stress.

Statistics show that franchisees have a higher chance of success than those who set up independent businesses. While 70-80% of independent businesses do not survive the critical first few years, 80% of franchisees survive.

The investor who buys Özipekliler Teknikoutlet Franchise integrates himself and his work with the brand and the system. He embraces his work with the feeling of being part of a team. In this way, it adopts the corporate culture, and can easily overcome even the things that do not make sense or are difficult.

Today, customers want to use time effectively. Therefore, they want to buy quality goods and services as soon as possible. This is possible by shopping in stores where products that have accepted their quality and brand are sold. At this stage, the importance of ÖzipeklilerTeknikoutlet Franchising emerges once again.

An investor who buys Özipekliler Teknikoutlet Franchise does not have to worry about the future of his business. Because it engages in a business that has been tried before in other and similar markets, proven to be successful, retained by consumers, and accepted at a price.

It is thanks to the brand that the product or service sold is immediately noticed, remembered and preferred by the potential customers. The effect that an operator doing business with its own name can only achieve in its immediate surroundings over the years is achieved on the day the signage is hung in the businesses with Özipekliler Teknikoutlet Franchise Dealership System.

Since Özipekliler Teknikoutlet also provides training for the required personnel, recruitment of personnel becomes easier. The surplus personnel who apply to one of the franchise businesses can be directed to the other. When there is a busy business in one of the franchise businesses, it can recruit staff from another slow business. When recruited, employees apply with greater confidence and enthusiasm. Since the elements work more systematically and are more tightly controlled, they work better and are permanent.

For most investors, the obligation to do what they know is a serious obstacle. In accordance with the motto "the job you know best", the entrepreneur can run his father's business even if it is not profitable, embark on the job he has learned since his apprenticeship, work in the branch of the faculty he has accidentally scored, etc. had to r. However, when Özipekliler started to work with the Teknikoutlet Franchise Dealership System, it became an important player in the hardware technical materials sector, which it never understood but believed to be good or will be in the future.