About Our Company

Sedef Power Tools site Özipekliler Teknik Hırdavat Çelik San ve Tic A.Ş. It is the registered trademark of the company. Özipekliler hardware adventure begins in 1958 when Ali Özipekliler opened a small hardware store under the name of Öz Hardware Ticarethanesi in Bursa's Bat Market. In those years, Bursa Kayhan Bazaar was in the position of an industrial bazaar with stoves and horse carriages. The Bat Bazaar was the center of commerce, right next to the Kayhan Bazaar.

Ali Özipekliler, who developed their business by buying various hardware materials from importers in Istanbul and selling them in Bursa, moved to their own workplace on Çancılar Street in the same region after a few years. Following the developments in the sector, Ali Özipekliler, who also took the regional dealership of Oerlikon welding electrodes and promoted them to tradesmen one by one, is known as derlikoncu Ali. In the meantime, Özipekliler, who is planning to open a rolling mill to produce transmission shafts, establishes a joint stock company with his friends and starts to produce shafts in Bursa in the 1970s.

In the same years, after the establishment of Tofaş and Renault factories in Bursa, industrialization in Bursa accelerated. Bursa Yıldırım Industry Bazaar, in the area where Yıldırım Municipality is located now, was the starting point of many factories at that time. Ali Bey moves his workplace to Elmasbahçe, close to the region. In the meantime, as a result of a work accident that occurred in the rolling mill, his friend is injured, he is away from his old activity. He passed away in 1976 as a result of a heart attack. That year, Özcan, who continued his high school and secondary education, was 16 and Özkan was 12 years old. After the family passes away, they decide to continue business. With the support of friends and customers, Özipekliler brothers continue their education and show a successful development in trade. In addition to welding materials and iron and steel types; Özipekliler adds cutting tools, measuring tools and hand tools to their range; becomes the supplier of the leading industrial companies of Bursa in hardware products. With the growth of the business, sales activities start throughout the country. Turkey are trying to focus on the power tool market reached a significant position in power tools in general. After the Black Decker dealership, Bosch starts the wholesale of Power Tools.

Then Dewalt Power Tools' s distributor located in the structuring in Turkey. Özipekli and is Turkey 's leading suppliers of hardware company. Özipekliler, who has been marketing the power tools of well-known brands and forming the SEDEF brand in accessories, started to produce and market Electric Hand Tools in the 1990s. SEDEF is the first Turkish power tool brand.

Leading companies of the world in electrical hand tools invested in China in those years and carried out a significant part of their production there. SEDEF takes a similar path. First, the tools that are decided as a result of extensive research and made with the SEDEF brand are presented to the market. However, despite the measures taken in every respect, reaching the desired level of quality is delayed.

After a while, it will be understood that this work has passed through personal production and the first production facility in China is commissioned. The features of the tools preferred in the market are examined, new models are developed by evaluating them.

A good team is formed to produce quality products. A lot of effort is spent for this. As the team starts to work efficiently in time, SEDEF becomes able to produce both in high quality and in high quantities.

Then, thinking a little more broadly, the second production facility starts to work. While both production lines compete with each other, they also support each other. As the products that come out of production approach the desired level in terms of quality, positive results are obtained. The interest in the countries of destination and the fact that SEDEF is the only Turkish company producing in the electrical hand tools sector leads SEDEF to produce more responsibly.

Cologne hardware fair in Germany, Essen sourcing fair, Koln Interzum furniture accessories fair, Dubai Big5 construction fair in United Arab Emirates, Romania, Bucharest TIB fair, Atlanta IWF fair in America, Shanghai hardware fair in China, Ukraine window, New markets are sought with Syrian construction, Greece furniture machinery, Ethiopia and Sudan fairs.

Republic Avenue in Cairo, Nasser Square in Dubai, Khomeini Street in Tehran, Sanayi Seccane in Khartoum, Mosato in Athens are some of the areas scanned.

While very positive results are obtained from some of them, hopes are not found from others. However, more and more SEDEF power tools are produced and sold in a wider geography every day.

Today, as SEDEF Power Tools, together with its customers and services in many residential areas of our country, Greece, Macedonia, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan SEDEF reaches many users in the world with its sales points in Iran, Iraq, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Tunisia, Kuwait and the USA. Nowadays, 115 Volt, 60 Hz SEDEF Power Tools are being tested in Barbados, Suriname in the Caribbean, and their quality is spoken.

Although Turkey and many countries worldwide as well as all European Union countries registered brand PEARL, crocodiles Crocodile brand-sanding abrasives and abrasive products with Glory, Özipekli 'in the other are registered trademarks in the industry.

The adventure that started in a small hardware store from the first step taken in 1958 to this time continues its growth process with SEDEF becoming a global brand that is spoken and preferred in five continents today.